• What Is Boiler Text And Can It Be Used Post Panda

    When the very first Google Panda rolled out there was a lot of speculation and guesswork to what you could do with your website and what you couldn’t. Some of the very first you tube videos and blog posts, were all very clear that you will be penalised by using boiler plate text. All content needed to be unique and fresh. After a bit of time and some official feedback from people like Matt Cutts and John Mullier we started to get a more clearer picture, albeit with much of the juicy information omitted. Several Panda updates later we are now more educated and what you can and cannot do.

    So What Is Boiler Plate Text?

    This is a term used to describe a section of written content that is repeated throughout the website, possibly on every page. Example of this could be, a description of what you do and why you are different in your business, a mission statement or it could be a legal disclaimer that that you are required to display without choice.
    John Mullier has publicly stated now several times, that Google ignores boiler text all together. It recognizes the duplication and just does not take into consideration, allowing genuine useful boiler text to be used, but where you will not be punished for using it, or gain and rankings. So this is good news.

    Yes But Will Panda Catch Me Out?

    But in a post Panda world, it may be worth considering where it is located on the page. if your BPT is located within your main content, it may devalue what you are saying or it may be difficult for Google to know where the start point and ending is of the BPT and may take extra content out with it. so it is useful to separate BPT either above the h1 tag on the page, or as low as you can and consider it being within a different div so it is clearly seen as something separate to the BPT.
    Another consideration, is minimizing how much BPT you use. If the word count is greater or the content is more valuable than the actual main content, there may be issues. So ensure the main content has real value and is greater in size than the BPT.

    Concerns About Usage

    I was worried about whether any words that appeared in BPT could possibly be omitted if they then were repeated within the main core text. I got the chance to ask John Mullier that question direct on a Google Office Hours Hangout (below). His answer was to not worry about it, there is no association between BPT and main content, one is ignored the other included.

    For many there is no reason to use BPT, the purpose of the website will be clear without any explanation and some may choose to use an info-graphic for extra clarification. But there are times when a written explanation or legal stuff is a useful or essential requirement on every or most pages. At least we know that f used properly there will be no negative effect on rankings or visibility.