• So What Can You Learn From Forums And YouTube

    When I started in this game sometime in the last century, pretty much all information came from forums. At this time, the sites that had true value, ranked for their brand name and so anything learned was shared. As the years went on, and greater changes were made to algorithms and became ever more complex, more and more information started to appear throughout the community. But with this, came more chatter and different opinions and perceived solutions.

    In 2014 the format of forums has changed although not completely. For a beginner, this is still a great starting point to get the basics in place. But for true solutions, that make the difference between first page rankings and making money, to somewhere on page 5, the latest chatter does not seem to go past simple statements that say, get better links and write better content.

    Of course this is the solution to first page rankings, good content and good links, but how do you know your content is good, how do you know what really is a good link and how do you get them? Specifics; I now find are not there, because that information is just too valuable. If a webmaster manages to find a great link source he does not go on to a forum and tell everyone.

    I, like many, make occasional You Tube videos to share updates, it is useful information, especially to those who are finding their way to better rankings. But nothing that I say is so valuable that it will affect my business earnings. I am not alone, this is the format that most choose when offering updates. They give the headlines, but not the specific content. The truth is, often the only way to find the real solutions is by doing in house experiments. Lets put it this way, if a SEO specialist sends a month working on experiments, they are not going to give the results away in a free You Tube video.

    This is where many SEO companies have become unstuck. Too many accounts, without enough knowledge to service them properly. And this who do put the time in and are respected, have had to increase monthly costs to cover the extra time and specialism needed.

    So now I use the chatter to forums mainly to identify updates and changes. The actual solutions presented I take with a pinch of salt, until I have done my own experiments.

    I find YouTube gives more information, alothough still not everything you need. Those like Matt Cutts are kken to inform, of why descions are made, so we can understand what we are working with, but no A to B solutions.

    However I will finish where I started. For the basics and headlines, these are still great places to visit. But for specific solutions that are unique to your website, this is a different story.