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    Are You A Mechanic That drives Around In A Broken Down Car?

    Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

    You would assume that the best mechanics would drive around in perfectly tuned and solid cars that never breakdown due to their rigorous service schedule and selected quality part selection. My experience, this just isn’t true. the person who fixed my car (and I do trust him) drives around in an old van and you wonder why? (more…)

    Exact Match Keywords Why You Should Avoid

    Friday, June 26th, 2015

    Not so long ago, this was the best way to rank high in SERPS. Make sure you have the exact phrases that someone would search for within your content and repeat them as many times as you think you get away with. But there came a time when it became apparent that content as being written for the search engines and not for the real value the content would offer the reader. (more…)

    What Has Changed To Affect Google Rankings In Recent Years

    Monday, December 30th, 2013

    There can be very few industries or niches that have changed as much as Search Engine Marketing in the last few years, without their main customers noticing it. Millions of users punch in search terms every day into Google’s search box to find valuable information, which will improve their quality of life from buying new products, finding somewhere to go on holiday the list is endless.
    Yet for most users of Google nothing appears to have changed, except a few design updates. With the Google UK still getting up to 90% of all search queries, it can be true to say that many have never tried Yahoo , Bing or any other search engine for some time. (more…)