• Don’t Just Hand Your website Over, Get Stuck In

    Imaging buying the latest CD of your favourite music star, only to find someone else was doing the singing and had been brought in to do the job, because the original artist did not have time. You wouldn’t be too happy right? Or do you think this is an acceptable practice? Well if you believe that the original artist should present themselves and not pay someone lease to do it, then you shouldn’t be too surprised that Google thinks the same way with websites.

    Of course all musical artists still need help, either from their backing group, producer or agents this is acceptable, again it is no different with your website. Is it your media or someone else’s?

    Asking For Support Is Still OK

    This is all leading up to whether you should hand over your website t a third part agency to run it, add content and improve rankings, or whether you should do it yourself with a bit of help?
    Well a big part of ranking high in the Google index comes from trust. who links to you, is your content unique and does it reflect the profession you are in. If you think Google can’t figure out, what your content is about and is relevant and trustworthy think again? Relevancy is not about how many times your keywords are repeated, but how the rest of the words relate to the subject matter. The more detailed the content, the more authority it will be given. However do not misunderstand this statement, words like best, cheapest, biggest etc although descriptive and general words and won’t be given any importance.

    Detailed Data and Wording

    Have a look at any long wikipedia page and look at the different words that are contained within the page and you will get an idea of what is required.
    So by going back to original question, do you think you know your trade better than a third party digital agency? If you or a member of your businesses wrote about what it is you do, would you have access to more specific wording , trade terms or even critical data. For example if you sold cars for a living, would you include a list of accessories, Co2 data, insurance group, average mpg, colours available and probably far more information that you know, but I don’t? would the digital agency know this information and be able to include or write about it better than someone in the business?

    This Is Only Round One

    This is only the first argument to why you should be involved in your own website presence there are many more from, link building to accurate social media posting.
    So just like the musician this is not an argument to do everything in house. It really doesn’t matter who designs your logo, or fixes a hosting problem. From a design point of view, there is little argument too. But when it comes to gaining trust from Google and maybe even your customers, there is reason to reconsider.

    A possible solution is to work with a mentor or specialist, agree what each of you will do and how to report to each other. Of course most agencies want your business and want as little interfering as possible and will argue their successes. To make the argument fair, there are successful agencies who deliver excellent rankings, but ask them if they do this totally independently of the business they represent and you shouldn’t be surprised they would say they work with “their clients”.
    Top agencies are not cheap and they deserve their money also. Controlling content, links and social media really is a much bigger job than not so long ago.

    Making the first decision to accept it is your website and you are responsible for it will go a long way to asking for support rather than handing it over. If it isn’t worth the investment in time, then why is it worth the investment in money?