• Google Panda 4.2 Is Rolling Out

    It has been announced after a 10 month wait that Google Panda 4.2 is now upon us and has been since around Sat 19th of July 2015. However it has also been stated that this will be a much slower roll out that could take months to complete. Make up your own mind to why this should be so, it has been confirmed that it is too late to make changes to your website.

    This happened so quietly that no one seemed to notice, until the announcement was made and certain webmaster went back into their analytics. Some partial recoveries have already been noted, but nothing really significant yet.

    May Be Several Months Before Recoveries Are Seen

    Google say that some webmasters may not see any recovery for months as Panda is a site wide penalty but recoveries will only be made on a page by page basis. I have to admit, I find it very hard to comprehend that in 2 months time Google will still use data it currently has, to decide the fate of website. If it has the data today, why not use it today.

    Honestly Old Data?

    So I am putting my cards on the table to state, that I think there is time to improve certain quality signals if not all. It would make sense that Google doesn’t want those punished by Google to put in effort just to pass the Panda test. It doesn’t make sense they wouldn’t use out of date data. so I think the statement is to put the gamers off and those who do care about their quality will still plod on anyway.
    The date of Panda has always been critical to determine if a website was hit by Panda or other updates. Spreading this over months takes away that measurement, not good news for recovery specialists.
    This is a refresh not a new Panda, so the lesson learned from 4.1 should get a recovery, but many webmasters today have little faith.