• The Holistic Approach

    The word that is appearing more and more in recent times is “holistic”, in better words don’t rely on Google to bring you all your web traffic. Of course it makes sense not to have all your eggs in one basket, especially when that basket is Google. But does that approach not admit defeat? Are we not saying, we can’t please Google, so just accept something from them and make up your traffic from social media, you tube etc?
    In any business it makes sense to have more than one sales channel, but what doesn’t make sense is not to be the best you can be in every channel you choose to be involved in. Of course what is different in the SEO world is that the more money you spend, does not necessarily relate back in better rankings, traffic or sales, where it is easier to calculate in more traditional types of marketing. So being the best in SEO, will involve more investment, both in time that probably relates to money, but it still revolves around what you do in that time that will deliver results.
    The biggest plus of SEO for me, is when you invest the time and get more traffic to your site, that trust developed with Google will last for at least some time afterwards. Unlike say an advert in a magazine, you pay for a month, you get traffic, you take away the advert, and then traffic stops. In SEO, once you have rankings, if you continue to support what you have there is a strong possibility you will retain that stream of visitors. But it is true, that an investment today, may take some time to get a return.

    Social Media

    I’m forever seeing companies and individuals selling courses to improve social media skills, to deliver more customers to their websites. I speak with clients regularly who have loads of likes and tweet forever. But rarely do I hear any connection between all this chatter and pounds on the bottom line. (If you are from the North East and show an increase in profits directly related to a social media campaign, let me know and we can write about it here.) It isn’t about how many followers you have, but who these followers are and do they really care about your business and services, or do they follow you because you entertain them from time to time with interesting shares or re-tweets?


    Holistic or not holistic it is still a big competition, where everyone is fighting to be heard through the noise, but even when you are heard, is it the right people listening.
    So the message here, is to target all your online marketing, whether it be SEO, Social media, adwords or even email marketing, to those who are likely to be your customers, then make sure you give them what they want, or find a way to convince them it’s something they need.
    There is one thing that we can sure of in 2014, is that change will continue.