• Are you Mac or PC

    I mix with many businesses and it is interesting to consider those who prefer the Apple Mac platform and those who are fixed with Windows and the PC. Even within the industry I work in there is much debate and opinion.
    The key reason is that Apple Macs have a great reputation for designers and anything creative. They handle large files well, for production and the menu system is often much easier to use. But in my specialist occupation in improving rankings, we have a different story in that I rely on a lot of different software, that  is only available for Windows operating system. This is also echoed with programmers who also seem to prefer the tradition PC, either coding by hand or by using software such as “Dream Weaver”. In fact this does seem to be a regular pattern throughout the agencies I work with. The designing side use Mac’s but the coders and guys who work on optimisation use PCs.
    Someone once told me that it depended on what platform they started their career with and even if new better technology came along, there was still a chance they would stick with what they knew.
    There is no doubt that in terms of what is fashionable Apple leads the way and windows attempt to improve their operating system to more friendly for touch screens has only frustrated those who are used to the traditional start button and mouse. the regular updates that seem to take more time that the benefits they achieve is also a frustration for windows uses, especially those who do not use their laptops regularly and require an update every time the machine is switched on.
    But you can’t deny that the machine you use is often of a secondary importance to the software installed. It is the software that makes life easier and delivers the results required to run a successful business and quite frankly it’s not all available for the Apple Mac. A complete opposite to the mobile world and apps, where the IOS system rules.
    You can get machines that can swap between the 2 systems, but they are not cheap and you have to be strict to which system for example has emails and which had certain files. But for those who cannot choose, this is an option.
    But for most of us, we will stick with what we know.