• Are You A Mechanic That drives Around In A Broken Down Car?

    You would assume that the best mechanics would drive around in perfectly tuned and solid cars that never breakdown due to their rigorous service schedule and selected quality part selection. My experience, this just isn’t true. the person who fixed my car (and I do trust him) drives around in an old van and you wonder why? The answer lies in that he is just too busy sorting out everyone else’s cars, that he just hasn’t got the time for his own and quite frankly doesn’t want to have a bus man’s holiday.
    I would giggle at his explanation, but recently I was faced to accept the same thing happens to me also. For example this blog, started out well then nothing for months, just too busy doing other things. I constantly preach, that regular fresh content goes a long way to those better rankings, and yet I don’t follow through.
    So a few days ago, I made the commitment to get back to writing and commit to at least 5 posts per week, starting with this blog.

    With a mechanic when you see your car firing back to life you know he has done a good job, but with digital marketing, it can take months and sometimes longer to get the results your clients want, so image and trust are key factors. Maintaining this website and the others I own, is pretty critical to my image and success.

    Get Your Own Stuff In Order

    Now this website is not that broken, but it certainly does not rank where it should. I am experimenting by doing everything naturally here. No outreach or directory links, just writing and sharing on social media to see if, even in this competitive arena good rankings can be sought.
    After all most “do it yourself webmasters” want to get the best results for the least amount of work and at some point they will opt to take a punt. Just squeeze a few more keywords in here, or cheap links from there and what is annoying is that in many instances rankings do improve. But there is always that line, that once crossed it all goes backward, sometimes with no recovery.

    Regular Updates Are Important

    What is standard knowledge, is that more you write and add fresh stuff, the more Google comes to visit. I have had blogs in the past, where a post went live with a minute or so, of being pinged or published. This is clearly not the case here, in fact it is taking at least a week, so there is a long way to go yet.
    As I write this Google Panda is just around the corner and it very likely that those who been able to cheat their way to success with thin content will suffer and those genuine webmasters who got caught out last time will get a deserved recovery. Some of my client based work is aimed at this update, so I have been busy, and my advice to them is to add more and more good quality content, so I have to this, even for a little bit of respect.