• How A Mentor Can Help With Your SEO Campaign

    The advice to better rankings can be very confusing especially when you mix in aggressive marketing from SEO Companies that is designed to assure potential clients that their way is best. A good way of deciding what really works, is by listening to experts that have nothing to gain from your attention. combined with examples of trust and followers.

    Unlike SEO companies who claim they can do everything for you just by handing over a set amount of money, you may find those not trying to earn your cash have a different opinion. That is, SEO should form part of a marketing plan and be integrated with the business’s targets and objectives not to be a separate function, operated by a third party agency.

    A mentor can help you achieve this by bringing knowledge and experience into the organisation, working alongside marketing.

    So let’s show an example: Writing an article on a product or service you provide.

    What A SEO Company Would Do

    They would first look at the key words you wanted to rank for, they would look up the subject on the internet and attempt to write a keyword rich piece on the subject agreed. often Wikipedia is used, as well as other online publications. Chances are the press release would be around 500 words. Why? Because for years this has been seen as the standard word count for article writing.

    They would send many emails to blogs that accept guest posts, eventually finding a blog that has suitable Domain Authority to give you some link value.

    Suppose You Wrote The Article Instead

    You would ignore keyword research and write the article as an expert in your field. You would not research or attempt to mirror anything else in the internet the article would be written with the reader in mind, not Google.
    You would use the connections in your industry to find a client or supplier website or even a trade respected website to publish your article. Because Google would recognise the subject relevance and weight of the blog or site the article is published on, substantial link value will be gained.

    So the question is which one is the best option?

    A SEO company would argue the first option is the best, but you may find the top experts would suggest the second option is the one that will give the best value.

    The reason, is that the second option stands above the rest, it is written by someone who knows the subject and is very likely to use language, terms and show experience that only an expert would know. This example is far more likely to gain back links and social media shares, therefore gain trust and authority from Google and improved rankings .
    There are many more reasons why doing more stuff in-house is better for SEO and will gain more respect from Google.

    Being mentored though this process makes sure you can add more value to your website, without making mistakes

    So Why Isn’t Everyone Using A Mentor But Choosing Companies Instead

    The downside is that it requires effort from your company, this can range from very little if your firm already has a busy marketing section in place, to something more substantial to be put in place. But the bottom line, is most business director/owners just want to hand the responsibility over so they focus on what they are good at. Then hire and fire based on results. This would be a good strategy except for one thing. Under the pressure of ensuring a certain amount of links and content have been delivered each month, standards are dropped and so lowers the quality score of your website.

    If done very badly, a website can get to the point where it will never return without substantial investment way above than has already been paid out.
    When work is done in house there is control and an understanding of what s being achieved and yes there will be months where less is achieved, but balanced out with months where a substantial move forward has been made.

    When Would You Tell Your Employees Of The Release Of New Products Or Services?

    Think about it! Probably almost immediately, there would be briefs and a full understanding of why the product is being released together with features and benefits. There probably would already be detailed knowledge of the range and why this update was occurring.

    OK, SO When Would You Tell Your SEO Company About Them?

    Experience shows that often they are way down the communication ladder and every agency will have a story, where they have been informed of new release very close to the actual date, making it impossible to contribute in such a short time
    Ironically though, the internal marketing department, probably has sales literature written and is ready to communicate with the press. If during this time the marketing section had help to assist in the thought process about being found on the search engines, and how what they are doing could also mean higher visibility across the web.

    Time Would Be Saved, And All Media Could Be In Sync.

    Again using a mentor, could help bring those processes together as well as ensuring what content added does not dilute or over-optimise what is already there.
    Of course for larger organisations the solution could be to employ a full time SEO professional, but for most, having support as. and when or on a monthly basis is both cost effective and more productive