• All That Noise About Google Panda And It Didn’t Happen

    There are quite a few angry webmasters out there who for whatever reason got caught out in the last Google panda update. It had been promised (well almost) that updates would happen more frequently probably about once a month, so when many lost their rankings from mistakes or whatever there wasn’t a panic, but more of a “well lets get things sorted and get a recovery next month”. But here we are in June 2015, a good 8 months later and still no update.

    Comments At The SMX Advanced Seminar

    A few weeks ago at the “SMX Advanced” there was a comment from Garry Illyes that a Panda update would happen within the next 2 to 4 weeks. This was a ray of hope for all those still waiting. Then just on the 2 week mark, nay saw an increase in spider activity and many though this is it. But then some announcements, that this was not a Panda update and something else. A week later confirmation, that an unrelated Google algorithm change had taken place and it wasn’t panda.
    So where do we go from here?

    More Hints At The Google office Hours Hangout

    The answer is at a Google Hangout headed by John Mullier from Google in Switzerland. he was asked this question twice, when will the next Google Panda update be? He first response was he was not aware of any update or anything he could share with us. when asked again, his second reply was maybe on the next 2 weeks or so.
    The we are reminded about a another quote Gary Illyes had said in early June on the webmasterworld forum .
    “It’s not that easy to refresh Panda too often. We have to get our data in order to do a data refresh and sometimes that data is either scarce, or some noise was introduced, or something went wrong with the data and we have to wait another month or two. Painstaking process.”
    So now we are wondering whether Google will ever be clean enough to run another Panda update.
    We know that Google wants the same as it’s webmaster. An algorithm that deals with spam on a daily basis and not the one that does it based on a snap shot in time. But come on, this is just taking too long now.

    Has Matt’s Vacation Got Something To do With It?

    The top man in charge of Spam was Matt Cutts, who went on a long holiday that become longer and now it has been announced another person will (or has ) take his place. We wonder whether no one was prepared to tackle the update without him and were waiting for Matt to return from holiday until it just became too long and they are being forced too. But the data is not as fresh or clean as they would like and with other commitments going on, they are struggling to find a empty space to run it.
    It is ironic that the update everyone feared is now one, that all good webmasters want to run. They want good results and want their websites to be rewarded for their hard work. But we still wait and search for whispers and unofficial noise.