• Are You Still Using Article Sites

    I haven’t visited ezine articles for a while now. But being tasked with removing links on a specific website, I found myself visiting the platform for the first time in a while. Here I became surprised at how popular this article publishing website still is, bearing in mind how search engines measure link quality post Google Penguin.


    In hindsight I shouldn’t have been surprised, I still come across the potential client or business owner within a network meeting, who tells me of this cheap service they are using (normally from abroad), that delivers this amount of links each month by writing and publishing articles. I normally get two types of replies when I ask about what success they are having. The first, is that it takes time to rank in Google and results are yet to come and the second, is a search term that does ranks of the first page of Google. The first reply is true, there are never instant rankings, but when links have been delivered for 3 months and longer and there has been no improvements, then this is the time to question if the process is working. I knew the answer to this, these business owners still didn’t. I wonder how many more months it will take. The second answer is a bit more common, I get quoted some obscure search term that is on the first page of Google. When asked now mush traffic it generates and what sales have been gained, the reply is normally very “woolly”. Of course we both knew the answer.
    It isn’t really a laughing matter as using article sites as the main or sole back link source will not only make little difference but is likely to damage your website’s authority and trust and hurt you.

    Here Are Some Of The Reasons Why

    Google like links that are from an authority website and quite frankly there is little control over the quality or substance that is freely published on an article site. Yes there are some controls and often articles are read before published, but they go no-where near the standard that is required. Don’t get me wrong, your publication could be of the highest standard, but it will be presented around many others that are diluting the quality. You can never say that an article site is an authority in any subject as it publishes every subject known to man.

    Another very simple answer is, Google knows that the majority of articles published are there for link building purposes only. In fact a few years ago, I tried to remove some of my links (yes I used to write articles also) but leave the article in place and ezinearticles wouldn’t let me. There had to be a signature link (not sure if this is still true). Search engine also want to see a variation of ip addresses that all back links come from, so this knowledge by itself, should deter the overuse of article sites.

    What About DA?

    It is true that many article platforms do have good home page domain authority using third party programmes such as Majestic SEO. But we have to remember, this is not the actual Google score and most professionals would advise to just stay away.