• The Work Only On My Keywords Sales Pitch

    Like many other SEO agencies, I was very much focused on search terms only, I would research exactly what potential customers would type into the Google search box when looking for the particular services or products of a client. However unlike many other agencies I rarely worked on hundreds of keywords at once. My  process was to first focus on the easiest 5 as a quick win to get some traffic, then start adding more and more until the real money making terms kicked in. But on a monthly basis I never focused on more than 5 at a time.

    Clients Prefered It That Way

    This sat in very well with my clients, who really didn’t care that much about other aspects of their website, just those few landing pages that brought the money in. It also meant I was able to charge competitive rates, that made it cost effective for clients also.
    But this was before site quality scores came in. It was about how good the landing page was and the other aspects of the site played a smaller part of the overall ranking than today. Getting higher rankings today, requires a much more robust strategy where there are not really any quick wins, where the whole site has to be of a high standards even just for those few money making pages to have an effect.

    Those Google Updates

    Google Panda played a big part in this. Having lots of thin content pages, duplicate content or just low quality content, would affect the rankings throughout the site, even if those few money making pages were of a high standard. The “Just Focus On These Keywords” clients needed to be re-educated that work needs to be done through all the site, which did not go down well and some attempted to find other agencies still looking for those quick wins. In not one case, did I see any of these get better rankings, in fact without exception they gradually disappeared from view.

    Harder and Takes More Time

    The challenge today, with employing SEO agencies, is that there really is a lot more work to do to achieve the same results of a few years ago. Reputable companies, really do have to charge more for their services and those that don’t should be challenged. After all, SEO agencies can damage a site to the point of no return.  I have helped a few clients start again from scratch after dealing with companies based in India and others still using old practices.
    To compound the issue, the internet is still full of old advice, that although still published is now way out of date, even from some reputable sites. Even I am guilty of some of this, as although keen to add content, I hate removing it, especially if it contributes to the trust and authority of my own websites.
    So when looking for information, check the date and anything over 1 year old, be careful that the information is still valid.

    Reasonable About Costs

    And ask yourself this. If someone can earn more money collecting trolleys as a Saturday Lad at a local supermarket, than what you are being charged for SEO, why would they do this, unless they are not putting the time in, or not a professional? Do you want a professional and how much would “you” charge as a professional? Of course we all want to save money, but factoring in time and recovery costs, you could end up paying much more, than doing it right first time.