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Online marketing has changed, it is more expensive than ever to employ professionals to promote your online presence. To compound the issue, good SEO that builds trust and authority to your website (and therefore higher rankings), is more likely to come from the professional knowledge and processes integral to your business, than a from a third party independent company.

SEO Mentorship

This is a way to use your expertise within a business (such as knowledge, marketing and IT) to develop an authority website (therefore better rankings), rather than just a link building campaign normally delivered from cheaper SEO companies. It also is a safety net to prevent mistakes (that are not obvious) and that will lower rankings. A SEO mentor works with an individual within the company, sharing his online marketing expertise with the company, to align "Marketing", "ITWeb Design" and SEO together. You do the work, in line with company tasks.

The latest SEO is more based around traditional types of marketing and new social media. A single example is, we all know getting links to a website is very important to improve, rankings, but it is very likely that one entry in an authority trade journal is worth 100 times more than the links that can be delivered form someone outside of your industry (like an SEO company). In terms of social media and promotion, who else but the company themselves know the benefits and features of products, and what is new in the industry.

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