Save Money, Safer Rankings, Greater Trust With A SEO Strategist

For those who want to do much of the work themselves
but need a clear detailed comprehensive plan. A Better Digital Marketing Business Solution.

Business SEO Strategy

Online marketing has changed, it is more expensive than ever to employ professionals to promote your online presence. To compound the issue, good SEO that builds trust and authority to your website (and therefore higher rankings), is more likely to come from the professional knowledge and processes integral to your business, than a from a third party independent company.

A strategist will show you how to use your expertise within a business (such as knowledge, marketing and IT) to develop an authority website (therefore better rankings), rather than just a link building campaign normally delivered from traditional SEO companies. He will also be a safety net to prevent mistakes (that are not obvious) and that will lower rankings. A SEO strategist works with individuals within the company, sharing his digital marketing understanding and expertise with the company, to align "Marketing", "IT Web Design", PPC, Social Media and SEO together. You do the work, in line with company objectives and targets.

Mark Flanighan

What Can A SEO Strategist Do For My Business?

Well first of all we start at the beginning and the technical understanding you already know. Unlike most subjects, what you may have taught a few years ago, may now not only be out of date, but damaging also, as the spam team at Google have re-defined what is white hat and black hat. You also have to accept that the rules of engagement will continuously change, as all search engine strive to deliver better results.

  • Existing websites, may need a different starting place to new URL's
  • There may be some "un-doing" of existing bad practices.
  • The Missing Pieces

    I will identify what you know and bring you up to date with what you don't spending the time it takes to digest and understand. A strategist 's job is not just to send you emails, but to show and explain, in most cases Skype and telephone will be the best solution. It is often quicker also. what is important to state here, is this is not preparation for an exam, everything is specific to your website and business solution. It is better to an expert at what you need to do, rather than a generalist at everything. My mentoring role will help fill in the missing pieces.

    Structure and Audit

    The base of getting results will be based around my comprehensive plan that looks at all aspects of your e-commerce project, to ensure we have a vehicle fit to go racing with. Then adding trust and authority that will improve it performance is an way that is sustainable through all updates. This is an ongoing process not just a one off. If you want to be the fittest athlete, you can't just have a few training sessions, it needs to become a regular habit where you become stronger and better.

    Google Panda and Penguin Recovery Strategisting

    Like a lot of professionals who have been in the SEO sector for some time, I have owned and come across sites that have been hit by Google Panda and Penguin updates. Many experiments have taken place with eventual recoveries, so if you need a strategist to help you through a recovery process or even just to decide if it s worth the effort and maybe you should just start again, I can help.