Cost Saving

The days of adding articles to free article sites and buying cheap links have gone. This type of SEO, can actually deliver negative rankings, as search engines have filters in place dealing with spammy and low quality links. The best SEO agecies out there, know this and work to only deliver the best work, but unfortunately this means more work for them, so higher costs for you.

SEO Strategistship will be cheaper than any decent SEO company and will give you as much expertise. The only difference is, it needs allocated time to do the work. This can be incorporated into and existing workload, or use the savings to employ someone.

The working trust will be higher, as you are in control. Need to promote new products online? Then you can decide to add more resource as and when. Need to recover from a major Google update that has hurt your rankings? Again, you are in control, but with the expertise of the SEO Strategist to speed the process us and minimise the damage.

Costs can start as low as £1200 plus VAT per year, for a "sole trader" or small website.

  • Sole Trader Small website programme £1200 plus VAT annual
  • Company website programme £2400 plus VAT annual
  • Company website programme plus extra SEO work £6000 plus VAT annual

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