Current Information V SEO Training

A good SEO training course can certainly help with the understanding of better rankings, even if it is just to understand how to choose a professional to do it for you, and I have delivered courses for several years now. However I recently looked over at an old one day training presentation I used to deliver, and feel quite embarrassed at how much the rules of SEO have changed in this time. Even if these students had retained their knowledge and notes, there would be certain processes that would no longer have a positive effect on their rankings.

Any SEO course delivered today, is not likely to have the same results in a few years time, such is the change in "Search". So any training should only be seen as what is applicable today, with a view to continued learning. Strategistship, deals with the ever changes to SEO and although it certainly would be positive for it to start directly after basic training, it would not be essential.

The Best Way To Learn

You have to ask yourself, is it better to cram as much as possible into one day, or is it better for me to drip feed knowledge at a level I can understand and implement into my business website? If the answer is the second option, then mentoring many be more suitable for you than standard training options.

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